Installing I2P in Ubuntu Raring Ringtail

Getting I2P


In the terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p && sudo apt-get update

This will add the official I2P repositories and refresh your package list. Then:

sudo apt-get install i2p

will install I2P and all dependencies.

Create a new Firefox profile

Open the Run dialog by tapping Alt+F2 and typing

firefox –no-remote -P

Go to Create Profile

Creating a new profile

Give your profile a name, “eep” my case, and finish the wizard to launch your new profile.

Setting up Firefox

Open the Preferences window and go to the network settings:

Finding the network settings

Set proxies to Manual (1), input the web proxies for I2P (2 and 3), and click OK.

Firefox Proxy Settings

Securing Firefox

Plugins such as Flash, Java, and Javascript can be used to identify you, so make sure you turn them off by installing the NoScript addon.

Also, make sure your browser doesn’t remember anything you do. The safest way is to enable “Always Private Browsing” mode:

Privacy Settings

Browsing I2P

Your I2P installation should be ready to use. Go to your router console at to find a list of links to visit. I recommend setting the router console as your home page for easy reference.

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